Welcome to the Dark Side Café and the writings of Magali the Record Keeper. Feel free to peruse the menu for the latest posts, short stories — available in various sci-fi and fantasy flavours — and articles on inspiration and the creative process.

For those new to the Dark Side, let us recommend the following pieces

In the Liminaris universe (fantasy):

In the RoH universe (sci-fi):

  • The Voice on the Lake: an alien invasion experience with a prophetic twist.
  • Winter Tryptich: a post-apocalyptic origin myth on the origin of winter festivals.
  • Between Jobs: a quirky story set in a futuristic dystopian city.
  • And, from the 2015 spoken word and storytelling show Myth Mirrors Punk, the performance of The Shadow’s Words (and its companion piece by another author).

Also, from our series of articles on storytelling, creativity, and inspiration:

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—R.K. Magali